Strategic Change Management Dissertation

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They have a clear agenda and focus on competition, consumers and communities.Both the commercial and the large-firm divisions of the financial structure are experiencing a transformation in UK, stemming from a system which was egalitarian, had low affinity between work endeavor and incentive to more market-driven preparations.The present age of business is extremely competitive and the only tool for survival is adaptability which comes through constant change.

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The role of human resource as an active partner, focusing on the company’s vision and ensuring open communication channels is fundamental for change in the organization.

Change in any organization may be a result of a combination of elements; social, cultural, economic and/or environmental (Beer, 2002).

As mission command explains, global leaders are those who have the potential to steer through the intricacies of the transactional business world.

(Kanter, 2003) They express the vision and plan in a multi-environment from a multiple functionality perspective so that they are able to pull along the entire team.

Furthermore, I shall also discuss the roles of leaders in order to bring about successful change and lastly, the role model of a successful organization for the global age.

Change management, which is the recognized method for bringing about any change in the organization, is defined as the procedural manner and implementation of skills and knowledge, resources and tools to control the outcomes of change (Beer, 2002).

Sudden shifts, authentic and drastic revolutions are the forces that are changing the nature and environment of businesses in the current age of globalization.

The business arena is getting tougher and the competitors too resourceful as organizations are liberated from the traditional ways of operating (Machin, 2003).

The teams led by global managers need a vision and a global fellow feeling (Kanter, 2003).

This means that high performance global organizations should create an all-encompassing culture where people feel that their interests match with those of the organization and hence they remain self-challenged in accordance with the mission dashboard.


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