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However, these fast speeds may not always be good; these fast speeds can lead to car accidents, speeding tickets, and greater wear and tear on your car.Most people know someone who has been in a car accident.

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Each part has some basic requirements that need to be met. Write your thesis statement to include in the introduction.

Essays need to be focused on one topic and present the material in a logical order. It does not have to be the last sentence in your introduction.

Replacing the brakes on your car can be very expensive as well.

Driving fast means you might have to slam on your brakes more suddenly, which will require more force to stop the car, and a longer stopping distance.

Driving fast might be tempting, but sometimes slow and steady is better.

Education develops a positive attitude in students.

Driving too fast also means your car will be less efficient on gas.

Driving fast can be a fun experience, but it can also be dangerous and expensive.

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How do I link my introduction to my conclusion in an essay?


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