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Although social distancing and the use of antiviral medicines can be partially effective at slowing pandemic flu spread, vaccination remains the most effective means of pandemic influenza control, the authors conclude.

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Swine Flu Swine Influenza -- commonly known as Swine Flu is a type of infectious disease caused by the Swine Influenza Virus (SIV).

Swine Influenza Virus (SIV) or Swine-Origin Influenza Virus (S-OIV) is very common in pigs all over the World (Siegel, 2).

This is because swine influenza virus was quite new in both these creatures (Tasian, 7).

Origin of Swine Flu: Today, it is believed that pigs were the origin of this virus that caused the humans to be contaminated with it very badly.

Every individual is equally exposed to swine flu when it spreads in the air, but some people may have a high degree of risk towards this virus.

This high-risk group includes; heart, liver, and kidney disease patients, neurological disease patients, pregnant women, and the people over the age of 60.

Two doses of vaccine, delivered three weeks apart, may be needed to confer adequate protection to the virus. Ira Longini and colleagues emphasized that a combination of factors—the availability of an effective vaccine to protect people against pandemic H1N1, coupled with the timing of the outbreak—will determine how quickly the pandemic can be slowed.

The researchers estimate that to bring the pandemic under control aggressive vaccination of the population must begin at least a month before it peaks, concentrating on children as much as possible.

The sub-types of Influenza A are not as dangerous as H1N1.

However, a pig can get infected by more than one influenza viruses at one time (Siegel, 1).


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