Symbolism In Lord Of The Flies Essay

Symbolism In Lord Of The Flies Essay-30
He has a strong status as a Lord although it is over something pretty disgusting – the flies.

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However at this stage of the novel the beast is quite insubstantial as it is only a “thing”.

As the boys fear of the beast grows so to does the beast itself until it has manifested into the devil – the ultimate and most powerful evil.

Jack talks about cutting the pig’s throat which makes it sound like a savage action and spilling her blood which reinforces the lack of care and feeling shown towards the pug’s carcass.

This shows that the boys are no longer feeling guilty about what they have done thus showing them becoming savages.

One of ways Golding shows conflict between savagery and civilisation is when Jack and some of the other boys are killing the first pig.

Jack chants “kill the pig, cut her throat, spill the blood”.

In the novel Lord of the Flies written by William Golding, an idea that is developed throughout the novel is civilisation versus savagery.

This is shown through the symbolism of the conch, the fire and Piggy’s glasses.

Through the boys actions Golding shows us that we need rules and to consciously impose them to make sure society functions properly.

Lord of the Flies essay Analyse how symbols are used to develop an idea in a text you have studied.


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