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You don’t want to pick a niche where your potential customers are only a handful of people.Once you have a couple niches picked out, you want to do some research in order to narrow down your choice to just one.You can’t just start posting your t-shirt mockups, no matter how cool they are, and expect people to come running to your store without first having some social cred and having your brand’s profile look the part.

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Once you’ve picked your niche, you can brainstorm a name and logo design that would make sense for the topic.

Feel free to use your previous research of your competition to get ideas for your own t-shirt brand name and logo.

First, we need to start to build a decent sized audience to give our brand some social credit.

Try to look at your social media accounts the way someone who has never heard of or seen your brand would see it.

Alright, let’s bring out that folder of t-shirt designs you saved when you were researching niches, it’s brainstorming time!

Open up one of Placeit’s t-shirt design templates and start playing around with ideas.Selling t-shirts online used to be a more complicated project but with the introduction of on-demand printing and drop shipping, the barrier to entry has been lowered drastically and the opportunity for generating a passive or semi-passive income is available to anyone willing to take the time to set up their t-shirt brand online. We first need to come up with a niche, a name for our brand, and a logo.A niche is a subset of a market on which a product is focused.This means doing Google searches, taking a look at what types of t-shirts already exist that cater to that niche, and generally getting an idea of how much competition you’ll be facing.As you search, make note of any possible opportunities to market your designs.Think about where people who would be interested in your niche hang out online, so that it’ll be easier to market to them once you have a good idea of where to reach them before you start designing anything or thinking of a name.Some good starting points are blogs, forums, Subreddits, Facebook groups, and Instagram hashtags.In this post, we’ll guide you through the easiest way to start a t-shirt business with next to no money!If you’re like a lot of entrepreneurs, the thought of starting your own t-shirt business has crossed your mind at least once.There are tons of niches you could choose for your t-shirt business, below are some ideas to get you started.T-shirts for people who love a certain beverage like coffee, for those who follow a social or political movement, for people who love their pets, and for individuals involved in some type of organization are all examples of niches you can dive into. They are currently popular and have broad appeal, in other words, there are plenty of people actively searching for t-shirts related to these topics.


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