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Technology is building bridges between people on opposite sides of the globe, but it is also building ever stronger walls between neighbours.Some people are surrounding themselves with modern technology while paying little attention to the needs of others.

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People who watch these shows see what the actors and actresses are doing and then feel it is all right for them to do the same things.

Instead of "Ready, Aim, Fire," people tend to, "Fire, Aim, Ready." In other words, people tend to implement the latest technology before they understand precisely what it is or what business need it serves.

We expect information at our fingertips; to be up and walking shortly after a surgery or an operation. But this freaky pace has also altered how we conduct business and live our lives. This highlights the over dependency we have developed on our technology and is cause for alarm.

To illustrate,we want to solve problems immediately and have no patience for long term solutions. We are being driven by technology as opposed to the other way around.

For example, obesity which causes mainly from the fast food or high calories consumptions in those processes food.

Whether driving a car, planting a bomb, sending a spam E-mail or signing a contract, technology extends our realm of influence.

When people look at this information, it looks and seems like trustful information, but most of the time, it is not.

Although the Internet is a relatively new technology,television has been around for about fifty years.

Others use technology to better understand their fellow man to overcome physical distance,establishing relationships of solidarity and sympathy around the globe.

We could discover the effect of technology to our daily food.


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