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Business Com is an NBN Retail Service Provider and has wholesale arrangements with all of the leading fibre providers.Which means we are network agnostic and able to deliver the best possible choice from a range of options.From the beginning to the end everything was very easy, clear and delivered on time.

Latency is the amount of time data takes to traverse the broadband network.

Low latency means it takes less time for data to be transmitted.

Tier 1 Fibre Networks deliver high performance connections with a 99.95% up-time SLAs.

To ensure uninterputted access to high speed broadband, many businesses us 4G LTE as a back-up and fail-over technology.

Links are symmetrical and offer unlimited downloads.

Fibre is now available in more locations than ever before.Between the various networks, it is widely available across most of the major metropolitan areas and some large regional centres.Business Com has wholesale arrangements with Australia's largest fibre networks including Telstra, Optus, TPG and NBN.For this to be completed we require your business address and ideally a standard telephone number at the address.After the SQ is performed we can confirm what business fibre services are available to you.Easy to set up and quick to arrive, very little problems with connections.Danielle“I decided to switch to Belong after having a bad experience with my current provider.Our Fibre 250 and Enterprise 500 plans are ideal for businesses in fibre-lit buildings that require ultra-fast speed at super-cheap rates.And if you have specific requirements or need other speeds, please call Fibre is regarded as the most reliable means of delivering business broadband as it doesn't use the ageing copper network or is effected by any wireless interference.In situations where business fibre can't be delivered or the cost is prohibitive; options such as SHDSL, Mid Band Ethernet and Fixed Wireless Broadband can deliver symmetrical high speed broadband.A service qualification (SQ) check must be completed to determine what service(s) can be delivered to your business.


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