The Fall Of The House Of Usher Essay

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Though both the house and Roderick Usher are things people would typically stay away from, the narrator seems to be intrigued by the whole situation.

Throughout the passage he speaks of the wretched conditions and utterly dismal appearance of the house.

Building upon the general dreariness of the evening, Poe immediately connects the house with the Usher dynasty by saying, “there was… that so unnerved me in the contemplation of the House of Usher” (99).

When interpreting the setting and its connection to the Usher family through the eyes of destructive transcendence, it becomes clear that Poe is focusing on the senses and creating an immersive menacing world.

In contraposition to the classical depiction of wealth and establishment, the Ushers and their manor represent a downward turn of fate and poverty, which serves to instill in the narrator a gamut of negative feelings.

Bieganowski explains, “the imagining, then verbal expression, create the fiend that overtakes the narrator’s reason; it touches his soul in one of its hidden inarticulate impulses” (177).

Therefore, many writers, including Emerson, were abandoning the idea that reaching transcendence through a certain static model or dogma would open the gates to heaven.

Rather, as Voloshin puts it, “Emerson…wrestles with the problem of conceiving of transcendence which is not hierarchal and static.

Nonetheless, he decides to enter this house with a known lunatic who he has not seen in years.

This parallels the emotions of the reader which Poe hopes to play on throughout his story. Poe taps into this desire by creating a character which possesses the same morbid curiosity as that of the reader. A sense that there exists some supernatural force which can surprise the reader at any time.


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