The Second Shift Arlie Hochschild Essay

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Everyone's heard of the term 'Super Mom,' but what about 'Super Dad?

' Today's men, not just women, are busy breaking the old gendered division of labor structure.

The second shift includes the work performed at home, in addition to the work performed in the professional sector. As we take a look back through human history, we can see long-standing tradition of divvying up work that needs to be done based on gender.

It makes sense in most societies, particularly primitive societies that spend most of their time trying to survive, that the females (who physically must sit out some hunting trips to give birth every now and then) should take the bulk of the household chores.

If, however, both parents agree that both the wage-earning and the domestic duties should be evenly divided between Mom and Dad, then they are living the egalitarian plan.

Because many people in today's society fall somewhere in between, Hochschild identified a third strategy called transitional.

As such, organizations are still focused on the dominant male stereotype and women are must contend with these unwritten codes that prevent them from successfully integrating career and family life.

What is perhaps most interesting about Hochschild’s text is that it represents a reflection of what the author experienced in her own personal life.

There is no doubt that women, overtime, have gained more power throughout society.

Essentially, they have experienced and continue to experience a revolution.


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