Thesis Statement For 1984

Thesis Statement For 1984-38
Discuss the opinions of Julia and Winston about the Party.Discuss in your paper the concept of Room 101 where people face their most feared nightmares. You may use these topics to write a decent essay on 1984.

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Do these views differ from the views of our society?

There are many ideas and images in the book that don’t directly relate to the plot, but have a significant symbolism. This topic allows you to discuss in your essay the illustration of brainwashing in the book. Find the differences and similarities of these two characters.

If you want to write a literary essay, this novel can be a very good basis for your topic.

Here is a list of suggestions from assignment geekthat you may research in your paper: Look at the relations between men and women in this piece of literature.

It also reflects how we as a society would evolve and react in the future given the circumstances come true.

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Orwell’s 1984 has always been studied by historians as well as political science students.

The Haymarket episode is a dramatic one that should also hold student interest well.

A single DBQ on this topic and several alternate thesis statements are then used in three student activities.

Keep in mind, that to write a good paper, you’ll need to read the entire book but not only a summation of its plot.

This will enable you to easily find passages from the novel to support your arguments.


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