Thesis Statement On Religion And Politics

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But it is a god and a functional savior nonetheless.

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For that reason, we must be clear that the gospel transcends political parties and platforms.

It doesn’t transcend them by demoting them into insignificance, but by showing where they have gone right and wrong.

If a Christian aims at love but not at truth, he will become a sellout, sacrificing biblical convictions in an attempt to seem more loving or more tolerant in a society that has turned against Christian convictions.

Another objection is that “no political party or program encapsulates God’s wisdom and will for the world.” Again, this statement is true but it is not a reason for us to try to separate religion and politics.

If religion were merely the mental and mystical acknowledgement of a supernatural deity, then we could easily relegate that belief to the confines of our private lives and to certain religious ceremonies. As the Bible defines it, religion is the central organizer of a person’s thoughts and loves.

If a person really and truly embraces the God of Jesus as the Creator and Lord of the universe, that embrace will have a cascade effect, pouring down and out into that person’s beliefs, feelings, values, and actions.Any number of objections might be raised against this view.For now, I will limit myself to acknowledging three objections evangelical Christians have raised.That Someone might be the God of Jesus Christ or the Allah of Muhammad.Alternatively, it might be sex, money, power, or success.But we also affirm that politics and public life are avenues to exercise our spirituality and witness to the Gospel.Every sphere of culture—art, science, education, business, family, and yes, even politics—is a field of activity provided by God, corrupted and misdirected by sin, and in need of being redirected to its creational design and its true end in Christ.Instead, it is saying that all people embrace Someone or Something as ultimate.That Someone or Something sits on the throne of a person’s heart, commanding his loyalties, shaping his life, and offering some sort of salvation.First, we human beings are deeply and inescapably religious, and “religion” cannot be defined restrictively as “the worship of a supernatural deity.” When the Bible teaches that all people are deeply and inescapably religious, it is not saying that all people worship a supernatural deity (Rom ).No, the Bible recognizes that some people reject the worship of a supernatural being.


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