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One way it can be done is through differentiating instruction.involves structuring a lesson at multiple levels so that each student has an opportunity to work at a moderately challenging, developmentally appropriate level.Groups need not be of equal size; groups are formed based on the needs of individual students.

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Respectively, the spacial, kinesthetic and verbal learner are engaged. A classroom contains students of various levels of academic readiness, interests, learning styles and disabilities.

Exceptional children, slow learners and children with kinetic learning styles all benefit from tailored lessons. Cheryl Adams of Ball State University suggests focusing on either the process, content or product rather than all three at once.

Instruction may be differentiated in content (what you want the students to learn), process (the way students make sense out of the content), or product (the outcome at the end of a lesson, lesson set, or unit—often a project).

One type of differentiated learning with which we’ve had success is .

In a tiered lesson, different books may be assigned to different level readers.

Alternately, the teacher may use one assigned textbook reading and customize it for readers of varying abilities.

There is no rule that states there may only be three tiers, however.

The number of tiers depends on the range of ability levels in the classroom.

In tiered lessons, students work in teacher-assigned groups according to the chosen tiering strategy, such as grouping students by their current level of understanding for the topic of study.

The number of groups per tier can vary, as can the number of students per tier.


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