Tips For Writing A Persuasive Essay

Teenagers are using their cars to engage in activities they would never be allowed to enjoy at home.And that love of freedom carries over into adulthood.The composer of essay takes a stand on a certain issue, either “for” or “against” and it creates the strongest possible argument to take the side of the reader.

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Many students graduate from high school thinking a “thesis” is a main idea.

Like, “My thesis is, ‘Abraham Lincoln was the 16th President of the United States.'”That isn’t a thesis; it’s a fact.

If you can’t think of any way to tie your paragraph back, delete it.

Composing a persuasive essay is similar to being a lawyer who is arguing a case before the judge.

These are both argumentative positions, and they would require significant logic and eloquence to build compelling cases around.

Rather than riding a bicycle down the street at 10mph (the equivalent of writing a summary of Lincoln’s life), you’re suddenly plunging down a mountainside at 40mph, with one hand on the handlebars, trying to keep a far-fetched and argumentative (and potentially offensive) essay going. There are many good answers: At its essence, argumentative and persuasive writing is about identifying the conventional wisdom on a matter, creating an argument for a different viewpoint, then supporting your point of view with quality evidence and analysis. Argumentative writing will challenge most student writers. You’ll feel that your work lacks “flow.”Here are some VERY actionable steps for you to assure the best outcome for your writing: Notice how a few of these (really all of them) are variations on the conventional wisdom “freedom” argument.They realize that it doesn’t necessarily weaken their argument to acknowledge this.In fact, including a counterargument in your writing is a key differentiator between “B” essays and “A” essays.But we then take apart the counterargument while acknowledging that it has merit.We are giving the counterargument some respect, but ultimately begging to differ.Or what if I argue that Lincoln was a bigot, who wanted to colonize the Carribean with freed slaves to avoid having blacks and whites live together in the US?That Lincoln:knew that there was no point in “[freeing black Americans] and [keeping] them among us as underlings.” Therefore, he decided the only solution, once slavery ended naturally, was to send all the black people in America “back” to Africa, “their own native land.” This despite the fact that America was their own native land.Once you’ve got a draft completed, go through every paragraph looking for explicit connections back to your argument.If there isn’t one, write a few sentences like the ones in green above.But then our body paragraphs just quote statistics about car sales, car accidents, etc. Every paragraph should CLEARLY tie back to the thesis. Use the same language (or close to the same language) in every paragraph to hammer your point home. While teenagers love the freedom of the automobile so they can get away from supervision of all kinds, alcohol is clearly a top escape.For instance, in 2009, 18.8 percent of fatal accidents with drivers in the 16-20 year old age group involved alcohol (


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