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The man in the story is purposely not given a reputation, as the deterministic environment is additional more necessary than his free Interpretation “To Build a Fire” In the story "To Build a Fire" by Jack London, a man is travelling through the klondike in Alaska to find his friends, "the boys". Throughout his journey along the trail in the Yukon, he underestimates nature and overestimates himself.Because the man is only quick and alert to the things of life and not the significance, he finds himself in some very bad circumstances. Almost immediately his fate is revealed when London writes, "But all this---the mysterious, far-reaching hair-line trail, the absence of sun from the sky, the tremendous cold, and “To Build a Fire” is a short story written by Jack London.I think the main message in To Build a Fire written by Jack London is perseverance in the characters for the man to keep going in the freezing weather, the dog to not curl up and die and the man he tried so hard to make it to the camp and at least tried to get there. To build a fire is a prime example of this scenario.

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Even with the advice of an old-timer to the area who advised him to take a partner at 50 below 0.

It illustrates that the environment may seem under ones control, but one should never let their own perception of control interfere with the realization of the reality that no one runs nature other than “mother nature”.

To Build a Fire, one of London’s short stories, illustrates a man who leaves the Yukon trail alone to meet his companions on a day so cold that no man should travel. The man is ignorant of the extreme coldness and feels confident about travelling alone at fifty degrees below zero.

His only accompany is a big native husky who considered him a fire-provider. However, he Jack London's To Build a Fire Nature is always pushing man to his limits.

The man experiences several instances of bad luck such as getting The story “To Build A Fire” written by Jack London has two nearly identical versions published in 19 respectively. It is viewed as a masterpiece of naturalist fiction.

The latter is better-known and more thought-provoking because of the antagonist’s death. “To Build a Fire” features a miner who is traveling to the Yukon Territory with a dog as his companion.

He also uses the word accident to describe what happened here: “Old-timers are ‘womanish,’ and that even with his ‘accident,’ he had saved himself in solitude.” Again, the word accident implies something outside of one’s control.

However the next accident which occurred is described by the author as a mistake here: “It was his own fault or, rather, his mistake.

"To Build a Fire" In Jack London's, "To Build a Fire", it is obvious to see that as the story progresses, the man becomes more bestial.

However at the same time the dog seems to gain the human quality of good sense.


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