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Of course, don’t make your response so short that you can’t show off your ability to make a good argument.TOEFL raters look at your ability to make different types of sentences.

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Today, I’ll share them with you, along with ways that you can practice them.

Some of these things will probably surprise you because they might be different from what your English teacher taught you in school — but just stay with me!

This is a challenging task even for native English speakers.

Needless to say, many TOEFL takers feel that this is the most intimidating part of the exam.

We totally understand what you’re feeling, and we have a way to help. This isn’t the only reason to practice TOEFL writing though.

My goal today is to give you all the information you’ll need to succeed with the TOEFL Independent Writing section. If you’re taking the TOEFL, it’s probably because you want to go to a university in another country.

Create your own toolbox of different types of English connectors, such as “but,” “however,” and “although.” Practice writing sentences and use them in your TOEFL response.

If you only use simple short sentences, your response won’t receive a high score. In many cultures, people don’t express their opinions directly — but you’ve got to do it on the TOEFL Independent Essay.

You’ll get a real score and a full review of your writing from a TOEFL certified teacher. Many of the responses that receive scores of 4 or 5 are only one paragraph long.

On the other hand, many longer responses receive only a 2 or a 3.


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