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By learning and practicing each of these rules, you will feel more confident about your overall English knowledge and score higher on the TOEFL test.Read each rule carefully and remember: Practice makes perfect!Example: What does this mean for you in the TOEFL exam?

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The speaker specifies which states and which republic they are talking about: the United States (as opposed to any random state) and the Czech Republic (as opposed to any other republic).

With names of geographical areas, rivers, mountain ranges, groups of islands, canals and oceans.

Since “the lake” and “the Internet” are seen as unique, the speaker knows what they are. With nouns followed by a defining relative clause (a clause that describes a person or thing we are talking about).

In this first example, “ice cream” is defined because it’s not just any ice cream. “Best” is a superlative, just like “most expensive,” “most colorful,” “nicest” and “quickest.”In our second example, the question is again clearly defined for the speaker, who has counted the questions and knows that this particular question is the second one.

With names of countries that have plurals in them or that include the words “republic” or “kingdom.”This situation may not be as clear as the other ones.

To simplify it, just think of the words “states” and “republic” as being defined for the speaker.As Lord Brougham said, “Blessed is the man who has hobbies". The sight of the lovely garden is increasingly refreshing. Whenever I have a little leisure I sit down at a table with my precious stamp-books arranging new stamps in them and writing in the names of countries. I take my camera with me and snap interesting scenes.Each stamp has a story to tell me of distant lands and strange people. I have a number of valuable snapshots, some of them highly recreational. There hobbies make my leisure hours at once enjoyable and profitable.In speaking and writing, you have to be able to produce language that is correct grammatically.Grammatical correctness is a criterion that raters use when scoring your speaking and writing.You’ll get to see how these grammar rules below are used on the TOEFL, practice them with interactive exercises and watch insightful explanation videos. “Aspect” means that when we use verbs, we can focus on either the action itself (the action is seen as continuous, progressive, temporary, happening at the moment of speaking) or on the result of the action (the action is simple, general, habitual).Each verbal tense has two aspects: continuous and simple.To practice, try filling in the gaps with the right form of each verb given in parentheses.(Answers are at the end of the post.)You can do more exercises to practice aspect online.Grammatical correctness refers to using a wide range of grammar structures and using them accurately.In reading and listening, you need to understand the language used.


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