Truancy Problem Essay

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The night before, Di Nino’s cellmate, Nicole Lord, said she heard Di Nino complaining of pain all over her body, saying that she had been moaning, “It hurts, it hurts.I cannot breathe.” Now, the doctor told Tobias, his mother was dead.

“She had blood coming from her nose and mouth when they found her and that was that.” Di Nino suffered from a number of health problems, and did not have access to medications for high blood pressure, anxiety, and bipolar disorder while incarcerated.

Six parents were arrested and photos of their perp walk in handcuffs appeared in the media.

Virginia Ferrer Avila, whose middle school child was absent from school 21 times, was booked on contributing to the delinquency of a minor and “failure to reasonably supervise or encourage school attendance.” Frank Acosta, the Orange County deputy district attorney, accompanied police officers on the sweep.

“They’re not out running the streets committing crimes.”More than 1,600 parents—most of them mothers—have been jailed in Berks County since 2000 for failure to pay truancy fines.

In Pennsylvania, truancy is defined as more than three days of unexcused absence from school.


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