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Moreover, there is an on-line forum for all instructors to communicate their experience in case teaching and therefore, learn from each other.

Most of the cases that have been produced that I am aware of are either in English (check the amazing collection of the Electronic Hallway at the Evans School of Public Affairs, which I’ve used before when I taught in Canada) or in Spanish, but too old (the 2000 Cabrero book is well, 14 years old).

My goal for the fall (I’m teaching State-and-Local Government, and Regional Development) is to use case studies to assess how my students learn.

Eight cases written by the Center have been selected to be translated into English and used by the John F. The Center has developed a set of complete and clear procedures on case writing.

Each case writer shall conduct a case study including literature review and field work.

At UBC (now as a faculty member, and in political science), I used a problem-based method that enabled me to teach my students “hire-able” skills: how to write a case study, a policy briefing, a policy memorandum, etc.

I am teaching now in Spanish (for the past year, I’ve only taught one course in Spanish, whereas most of my university-level teaching was in English), and I am finding it somewhat hard to use case-study-based teaching.

Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, to use cases within its degree and executive education programs, and to distribute Chinese version of the cases to other educational institutions and organizations throughout China and Singapore. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University has got the same grant from the SPPM.

With three year’s efforts, case teaching has been used more broadly in the SPPM.

Contact Information for Case Related Affairs: China Case Center for Public Policy & Management School of Public Policy and Management Tsinghua University Beijing, P.

When I did my MBA coursework at The University of British Columbia, we used the case study method for several courses.


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