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If, upon my deathbed, I can mark my life with any of these descriptors, I will relish the success.

One’s life is not defined by the extraordinary but rather the ordinary.

My grandfather had bought the ring in Tehran, Iran, with all of his life savings.

He was an engineer at the pinnacle of his career facing the hassle of the living conditions existing during the Shah regime, and irrevocably in love with a woman whom he had met no more than three times during the course of two years.

The ringing of the bell indicates that a line of dialogue was lifted directly from the essay that inspired the sketch.

It is magical, firstly as a tiny, portable compendium of knowledge equipped to feed my inquisitive appetite.Occasionally, I feel constricted by my Persian roots, trapped behind an imaginary “hijab,” that caresses and conceals my face, merely exposing my eyes.I’m curious to watch and take in everything as an alternative to putting myself in the spotlight.Every facet of my personality has been carved by the big blue in my backyard, just as the tides shape the dunes.The memories and lessons of life in a beach town, as numerous as the grains of sand, always stick with me, no matter how far from my sandcastle I stray. When I was younger, I never sang Spice Girls, but instead performed Bizet’s “Habanera.” In fact, I was the only 8-year-old who knew what Carmen was.I can only explain the rush of a performance in a heap of oxymorons: scintillatingly dark, sensually angelic and certainly uncertain.As the sound waves emanate from me, a palpable sense of exhilaration envelops me.At the airport, it will explain the waves behind the engines.Since I do not understand everything, I perpetually see questions to be answered; thus far, the little professor has not complained about answering them.“The admission committee is interested in shaping a class of students with a diverse array of personalities, talents, backgrounds, perspectives and interests, and the consideration of these voices as heard through the application essays is a vital part of our work,” says Ryan Hargraves, senior associate dean of admission at UVA, who lectures widely on college entrance-essay writing.Here, in edited excerpts from a selection of admission essays, are just a few of the voices that make up the Class of 2015.


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