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Due to water pollution, living organisms of different reservoirs of water are becoming increasingly difficult.Poor and populous in many countries, the problem of water is even more complex.If the water does not remain as ice, then there is no hilly river like Ganges, and if the water does not evaporate as a gas, then there is no possibility of rain on the earth.

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From the very moment we are born to when we die, water is necessary for our support and survival. As mere foetuses in wombs, we are 85 percent water, and as adults 70 percent.

This is true not only of human beings; all animals have a great amount of water in them as well.

In order to overcome the water conservation of our country, there has been talk of connecting various major rivers in the form of a far-reaching solution.

It will get a lot of benefit, because the water of rivers which dissipates in the ocean water, we can use it very much.

But by looking at the way marketatism is dominating on every object, it can not be said that for how long the rivers and other reservoirs will be able to survive the clutches of the said companies.

Governments have also been adopting different types of tactics to cover their enlarged expenditure. Pure water consumption of water as well as domestic use has been considered necessary.

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But this is the nature of the human being that the thing which he brings in practice only makes it contaminate.

This is the reason that today the river water, underground water, water of well-bawdi, sea water and even water of rain have also been contaminated in even less or more proportion.


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