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The local dive shop, Diveline Australia, has started organizing regular weedy seadragon photo-competition days.These events encourage divers to shoot a whole collection of photographs that can help identify these amazing animals.Photographers must get good shots of the animal side-on — both sides if possible — for identification.

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He fertilizes and carries these vibrant purple eggs for approximately four weeks before tiny, independent seadragons hatch and disperse in the water column, totally self-sufficient.

The young reach sexual maturity at just over two years old and the cycle continues.

The user divides groups of spots from the torso into small units, calculating the position and size of the spots in comparison to others nearby.

This, again, resembles a fingerprint point-matching system.

These seadragons live in shallow, 10-foot (3 m) seagrass beds year-round.

This environment offers the perfect opportunity to study the movements of individuals and gather important data on female and male behavior throughout the year.

The Weedy Seadragon Project in Victoria, Australia, aims to do just that.

In the pipefish family, weedy seadragons are close relatives of the common seahorse.

It is covered in protrusions that appear weedy or leafy.

These protrusions are not used in swimming; they simply help him hide from predators. The adult weedy seadragon is reddish in appearance, with yellow and purple markings across his body.


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