What Invention Did Vannevar Write About In A 1945 Essay

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Berners-Lee was working on a first version of HTML (Hypertext Markup Language). That simple link you just clicked without even thinking about it was forged throughout modern history.

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Bush published an article in the of human knowledge.

He asks his readers to imagine the ability to store encyclopedias of knowledge in a device the size of a matchbox (a far cry in 1945).

He was able to link these together using a variation of the Dewey decimal system. For the rest of his life, he continued to work with newer and newer technology, hoping to more effectively connect it all together.

It would’ve been hard for even Otlet to imagine that something as well-suited to his ideas as the computer would come along so soon.

For many, this was the first time they had ever seen hypertext.

Hypertext, broadly defined, is a document which contains links to other documents.Otlet had embarked on a project he called (The Universal Bibliography).Otlet assembled 15 million index cards each with a small bit of information.The ability to tie two pieces of information together, as it turns out, was a powerful one. Tim Berners-Lee, while working at CERN, began experimenting with hypertext as early as 1980.He built a system for researchers to use there, similar to a modern day wiki, which used a new hypertext markup language to link together important research documents and create a new way to track projects and important findings.Hypercard’s breakthrough, however, was that these cards could be easily .Navigating through information was as easy as clicking through links.Wells imagined a world in the not too distant future were all of human knowledge would be easily accessible.By networking that information together, it would be possible to create a collective intelligence far greater than any individual one.On December 9, 1968 Douglas Engelbart took the stage at the Fall Joint Computer Conference in San Francisco to demo the o N-Line System (NLS), a project he had been working on at the Stanford Research Institute.In the days and years to come, his presentation would (quite aptly) be referred to as “The Mother of All Demoes.”In the course of just 90 minutes, Engelbart exhibited technology that would define the computer programming world for years to come.


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