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James Stipe Head of Product ABC Bank3015 Round Table Drive Anytown, CA 90544When I found the opening for the Senior Customer Service Specialist with ABC Bank I felt as if it was addressed to me, personally.

In my current position as CSR at Acme Corp, I’ve boosted customer retention by 37% in 9 months and raised the mean NPS from 7.9 to 8.8. Our candidate, Jennifer is applying for a Senior Customer Service Specialist position with The ABC Bank.

I was responsible for providing excellent quality of assistance to customers via phone, email, and fax, performing general clerical duties, filing, data entry, billing, as well as recognizing and resolving documentation errors. “I’m a Customer Service Rep.” Yeah, we know, just like 350 others who’ve applied, so what?

Expert Hint: If you want to save space in this paragraph, you can use bullet points to outline how your expertise matches the job offer.

"Job postings that contain more IM-inducing content will elicit more frequent use of IM-relevant words in resumes and cover letters than postings with less IM-inducing content." In short, the more frequently an organization uses words like "excellent," "outstanding," and "superior" in job postings, the more likely it is to receive cover letters and resume​s that include those words.3.

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"The less intense self-promotion condition will result in more positive evaluations of job fit and organizational fit compared to the more intense self-promotion and no self-promotion conditions." Yep: As in many things, it's all about moderation.He is a certified professional resume writer (CPRW) and a member of the Professional Association of Résumé Writers & Career Coaches.His insights have been featured in CIO and Best Life Online.All it took was to identify what’s expected of her and give tangible proof she’s got it all. Let’s finish with a bang: “Tom, make sure we interview this one by the end of the week.” That’s what the hiring manager will tell his PA after reading your cover letter call to action.Remember—always seal your cover letter with a KISS: Keep It Short & Simple. Expert Hint: This study suggests it’s crucial you use your cover letter to highlight what doesn’t rise to the surface in your resume. Expand on details that make you special for position. Here’s how to nail it: That one’s more like a call to fall asleep over yet another identically-phrased cover letter.I have a genuine desire to make a positive difference in the lives of college students.I have approached previous positions as opportunities for career enhancement and discovery.Furthermore, the goal of ingratiation is to increase one's likability, and its use has been found to have a significant effect on judgments of interpersonal attraction, which has been linked with organizational fit perceptions."If you're hiring a new employee, consider the language you use in your job postings.In all likelihood, what you will get back is what you put out, which often does little to help you find the perfect candidate for your job.I love that your Customer Service Team operates with one goal in mind only: to maximize the business opportunities by finding and implementing tailor-made solutions for all customers. I realize that the major upcoming challenge for your Customer Service Team will be to assist other teams in launching the new AI-based platform for Personal Internet Banking.It perfectly reflects my core professional value: the drive to connect every customer with personalized support at every step of their consumer life journey. While working at Acme, I’ve planned and supervised online and phone surveys prior to the redesign of our home page [2: experience in developing surveys to get customers insights].


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