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And then, if I ran enough, rode enough, did enough, my net calories were zero. Planning and sleep deprivation meant that after working 12.5 overnight hours, I could get home, get the kids to school, and go to the gym. And burn off all the food I'd eaten the night before, and all the food for that day, too. I didn't know that my relationship with food and fitness had become a list of checks and balances. ♦♦♦ In my case, the “someone” was a therapist that wasn’t even supposed to be addressing my personal health — or lack thereof. The more I endured, the more I I couldn't see the sickness; I didn't recognize the dysfunction.A broken thighbone (femur) — the strongest bone in your body — usually is obvious because it takes so much force to break.

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Your leg contains 4 bones (the femur, the patella, the tibia, and the fibula) and bends at the hip, the knee, and the ankle.

After an accident, these bones may break (fracture) into 2 or more pieces.

If a broken bone has been exposed to the outside, either by a cut over the fracture or by bone sticking out through the skin, it is called an open fracture. A break in the leg may involve any of these bones: It usually takes quite a bit of force to break the bones of the leg.

Bones that have been weakened somehow can be broken more easily.

Signs and symptoms of a broken leg may include: Toddlers or young children who break a leg may simply stop walking, even if they can't explain why.

Unexplained crying may be a symptom of a toddler who has a fracture.

A broken leg (leg fracture) is a break or crack in one of the bones in your leg.

Common causes include falls, motor vehicle accidents and sports injuries.

Other injuries may be treated with a cast or splint.

In all cases, prompt diagnosis and treatment of a broken leg is critical to complete healing.


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